Blackjack online is one of the most popular cards game found on the internet. Initially, it was played in your usual brick and mortar casinos. However, with technological advancement, you can now play blackjack online on your phone!

Online blackjack was developed to bring more convenience to the player. Instead of wasting a lot of your precious time visiting a physical casino, you can now play at the comfort of your couch. The introduction of online blackjack also reduced the immoralities that are associated with physical casinos. They include prostitution, drug abuse, and theft. However, the introduction of the online blackjack denied the players the aspect of socialization. Most players started having a strong nostalgia for playing on physical casinos. Before they could abandon those online options, the developers came up with a perfect solution. Instead of allowing those players to go back to brick and mortar scenario, they brought those moments online. That is how the live blackjack was developed. In life blackjack, you can interact with both players and dealers. You can also see the dealer dealing the cards in a real-time. The introduction of live blackjack made online blackjack so popular. Blackjack is a game of chance. However, there are some of tips you can use to always win in any blackjack variant.

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Online Blackjack Strategy of Winning Little By Little

If you are a novice player, chances are, you have little cash to risk, and you also fear losing it all. Win little by little strategy is the one that suits you. It is also known as the conservative approach. The main idea involved here is to raise your bet by a small amount every time you win. The strategy employs a concept that both are winning and losing come on streaks. If you win one game, it is possible to win the second one and probably the third one. When it is time to lose, the same concept will apply.

Even if Blackjack is a game of chance, you can lose four times in a row, and then a miracle comes you win three consecutive times. In case you keep raising your bets on the three times you win, the money you will get will be enough to compensate for the one you lost, and then you remain with a positive balance. The amount you will walk home with may not be that big, but it is better than losing everything. This strategy employs the probability theory, where some streaks are observed. They can be utilized in the Blackjack game too.

Martingale Strategy

An Aggressive Approach to Blackjack online is the Martingale Strategy. It is one of the best strategies for the game that exists. However, it requires a bit of experience. You should also have a larger amount of playing funds in your bank. If your bankroll does not read something close to 500 NZD, don’t even think about it. If you are up to the challenge, keep reading, and be ready for fun.

The Martingale Strategy is a bit different from a conservative approach. You will need to have guts to play this game. It is just simple. You need to double your money every time you lose your bet. Sounds crazy? When will you ever win if you continue losing? Well, even if you lose your money 50 times, everything will change when you make a win. Since you have been doubling your bets, the one that fires you to a victory will bring you a lot of money. It will be enough to compensate for everything lost and leave you with a lot of profits. However, there is one thing you have to keep in mind. You should STOP when you get a profit more than your initial bankroll. The strategy works best when the game sessions are not that long.

The House Edge in Blackjack

If you have been a gambler for long, you might have heard of the word “house edge”. For new players, it might sound like just a technical buzzword. House edge refers to the advantage of the casino over the players. Well, all blackjack online casinos are in the business to make a profit. How will they achieve it? Through players. The main question is, how will they make money if all players keep winning. In this scenario, they will go bankrupt and close the site. However, this will never happen. All casino studios develop their online blackjack with an edge over the player. This means the player will lose money in the long run.

There are different strategies online promising you to help you completely turn the house edge to your favor. They are all sugar-coated lies. You can’t completely turn the house edge to your favor. What you can do is to lower it. Lowering the house edge will give you a better chance of winning. The only way to avoid the house edge is to quit the game when you discover a profit. If you continue for a longer time, you will end up losing all your money.

  • Different online blackjack variants have a different house edge level.
  • You cannot beat a blackjack in the long run.

1-3-2-6 Blackjack Betting System

The 1-3-2-6 Blackjack Betting System is also a betting strategy. It may not be as fun as a more aggressive approach, but it is more economical since you can manage with a small bankroll.

So what is the meaning of those numbers in the title? They are simply your bets after you have won a hand of blackjack online. In other words, a player triggers the bet after winning and cut it in when there is a loss. By so doing, a player will not lose all the money at once. The strategy also uses the idea than winning happens in streaks. Since the strategy gives you a systematic approach to your games, it makes sure you don’t make random bets.

For example in 1-3-2-6 blackjack strategy, if the initial bet is 20NZD, and you are lucky to win four consecutive times, your betting partner will be 20NZD-60NZD-40NZD-120NZD. You should terminate the sequence once you lose the bet. You return to your initial 20NZD bet and try another win. This strategy will work out well if you get a “hot” streak of winnings. It will also help you reduce overspending on online blackjack games.

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A Blackjack Online Demo is the Best Place to Start

This strategy applies to almost all online casino games. Every variant of blackjack online has its free to play demo version. Both demo and real-money variants retains similar attributes. They all run from the same server depending on the studio where the variation is made. The main idea of having the two versions is to give their players time to familiarize themselves with their ideal blackjack variations. The demo version is the best place for every novice player.

Once you create a demo account, you are awarded play money to use on the game. You will never withdraw any winnings in real New Zealand dollars, but the fun will be your reward. When playing a demo version, you can make as many mistakes as possible. It will forgive you. Once you are on the real money online blackjack variant, a small mistake will cost your fortune. With a free to play demo of online blackjack, you can practice different strategies involved in the game. You can also learn all the different online blackjack variations available.

Once you gain all the necessary experience, it is the best time to turn to real money online blackjack and play like a pro. However, it is always good to start with small bets and increase as you get familiar with the game. The most crucial point to note; stop when you make a profit.

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